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Time for the next generation IBOR: Enter EIDOS

White Paper

Time for the next generation IBOR: Enter EIDOS

In this paper we discuss why it is no longer enough for vendors to offer an IBOR that only handles traditional asset classes and investment components. The new generation or “intrinsically correct” IBOR must be designed and built to handle high volumes of complex FX and OTC derivatives as well as non-investment income and risk components (collaterals, cash/treasury, ...) within a truly end-to-end solution that eventually becomes the integral backbone of the buy-side firm’s investment ecosystem: the consolidated, single source of truth for all investment and transactional Enterprise data upon which evaluating, generating, vetting and managing new sets of Investment decisions.

We therefore propose a “next generation” IBOR: End-to-end IBOR Decision and Order Support (EIDOS). This tool would act as the central nervous system necessary to implement a new effective and efficient Best-of-Breed paradigm without the pitfalls and idiosyncrasies of the old BoB framework.

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